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... and here we are! A filmschool in Moria
For ARTE and her first documentary as a director, which we produced, actress & musician Katja Riemann went to the most famous refugee camp in Europe: Moria on Lesbos. Who knew that there is a film school there?

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Angola: The shameless elite
Death squads are killing young people living in the suburbs of the Angolan capital Luanda. Only a greedy elite is benefiting from oil wealth, whereas a lot of inhabitants of the periphery can hardly survive. Report on the governance and the arbitrariness in Angola.
By Edgar Wolf – ARTE Reportage and Deutsche Welle (24.30 and 28.30 min.).

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This three-part documentary series documents fascinating animal worlds and impressive landscapes and shows the effort that goes into saving endangered species and protecting their refuges. Only by working together can scientists, rangers and locals overcome the many challenges. They all know that without an intact environment, the survival of mankind is in question.

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